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Spiritual Psychology & Counselling, Healing & Spiritual Mentoring

'Recognise the beauty of the light and the wisdom of your soul
identify with that as your truth and your life will change'

My work is based on the Spiritual Teachings from the Spheres of Universal Love.

  • To share with those who are wishing to understand the meaning of life.

  • To reassure and bring hope to the bereaved.

  • To offer insight and guidance to those who struggle with the past or are fearful of the future.

  • To enable a transition from one path to that which is flooded with light, purpose and peace.

My aim is to empower you to connect to your own inner wisdom

and highest truth for your personal guidance and well being.

Private Spiritual Retreats

Personal Study Retreats 

Individual Counselling : Readings : Healing

Workshops & Professional Courses


For more information please contact me on

0044 (0) 7740 252366

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